Sunday, November 7, 2010


Entah apalah nak jadi dengan dunia ni. Meminta sedekah hanya untuk keseronokan. Aku terbaca artikel ni dalam Thestar online. Kalau dah kaya sangat bagi je sedekah tu kat orang-orang yang betul memerlukan, tak yah minta sedekah, betul tak.

The guy is kneeling on the street

A man was spotted begging for money on a street in Xinghua, China, wearing a grey suit, jeans and a pair of leather shoes.
The man was kneeling in front of a supermarket, telling passers-by that he had not eaten for two days.
"I have used up all my money to treat my ailing mother at the hospital," he cried.

The man, wearing spectacles, then begged the public to give me some money to buy food.

However, no one responded to him because they were suspicious of the well-dressed man.

At this juncture, a septuagenarian gave him five yuan (RM2.30) and said: "A real man cannot easily kneel down, you stand up and go buy some food."

The man bowed and repeatedly thanked the elderly woman as she walked off.

After taking the money, the man continued begging on the street.

 Passers-by were puzzled as to why he did not buy food since he claimed he had not eaten for two days.
Then, they were even more confused when another well-dressed man arrived and dragged the "beggar" into an Audi A6 car and sped off.

 The guy being dragged by his body guard

As the passers-by were discussing what they had seen, a woman revealed that he was from a rich family and his father is a developer.

The woman said the man is married, and added it was not the first time he had begged on the streets.

She said: "When the man's family asked why he did such a thing, he replied: 'For fun!'"
Source: Xinhua

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